Church Charter

Why Charter Your local church’s Men’s Ministry Programs? 

To Connect, Communicate, and Disciple Men God can use in the family, church, community, district, and conference to transform the world.

The charter has been the uniting instrument of United Methodist Men for over 50 years. Men gladly join and support many diverse civic and service clubs and support these organizations with dues as well as many hours of volunteer service in their communities. They do this willingly year after year, reaping the spiritual reward of contributing to the welfare of humankind. They enjoy the association with others.

However chartering as United Methodist “Men’s Clubs”, as with civic organizations, imply that it is exclusive, when in fact every man and the pastor (male or female) are part of the ministry to men of the local church.  To ensure that that all men’s ministry groups are included, we are requesting every pastor to charter their Church annually.  This will allow all ministries to men to be included and support the local and world missions of the United Methodist Men.  From the smallest church to the largest church men are in ministry of some type.  If not… we have a problem Houston!

United Methodist Men’s ministry is chartered for all the same reasons that a local church is chartered as a United Methodist church, making its annual contributions to the general church through World Service and Conference Benevolences. Our church is a Connectional Community of true believers under the Lordship of Christ offering a covenant relationship between persons. It offers a unique and favorable mission and ministry in the world.

Because of the uniqueness of ministry for and to men, the limited amount of general church funds is not adequate for administration and maintenance of this specialized mission and ministry of United Methodist Men.

Our goal is to increase the local church’s effectiveness in mission and ministry to men and their families through opportunities not available through any other source.   Our only mission is the discipleship of men and their families for Christ by encouraging and equipping men to become men of God in their family, local church, district, conference and the world.

So, Why Charter each local church’s men’s ministry programs?

  1. Because we are United Methodist and our connection is our strength and what makes us unique
    from other Christian organizations.
  2. The charter and annual recertification, as required of each local church by The Book of Discipline (¶2302).
    It is the connection that links local men’s  ministry around the world.
  3. The annual fee ($85 per year or two years for $160) is vital to strengthen and enhance the unique connection of men’s ministry programs around the world to support joint missions such as Upper Room Prayer Ministry, Society of St. Andrews food program, Prison ministries, Scouting and training material for men in local churches worldwide.  These are only a few of the joint ministries made possible by these annual fees that would not be possible as a single local church.  Connection is what makes the United Methodist Church unique and effective.

Together Men can do more as Christ hands and feet
to disciple men and transform the Church.



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