Trinity UMC, NMB

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH—Two Bible study classes at Trinity United Methodist Church are launching a new program to assist first responders: Miracle of Hope at the Beach.

Started by the Made for Miracles and the Unshakable Hope classes, the program aims to provide something special for families of fallen first responders, as well as those who have become totally and permanently disabled. Through the program, families will be invited to spend a week at the beach with all expenses paid. This is being done in order to say thank you while providing them with a getaway.

The program began taking shape in March. So far there are two families lined up for a week’s vacation—one in August and one in September. The classes have formed a working committee that has solicited and received everything from oceanfront accommodations to meals and entertainment from individuals and businesses.

The program is heavily supported by the United Methodist Men of Trinity along with church members.

“We believe that it is time that we show an attitude of gratitude for those who put themselves in danger every day on our behalf. Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers, and there are no better examples of peacemakers than our military and first responders,” organizers of Miracle of Hope at the Beach stated. “We realize that there has been a lot of controversy over things like police-involved shootings. But we also realize that there is good and bad in every profession. We further believe that among our first responders there’s far more good than bad.”

The Miracle of Hope at the Beach team said they hope to at the very least double the number of families they assist in 2020.

This is not the first time Trinity Bible study classes have launched a special service program. Eleven years ago, a Bible study class at Trinity launched their Armed Services Assistance Program. They started out by asking members to contribute $1 a month per family with a goal to provide supplemental meals for veterans and their families in need. The money purchased enough food to feed eight families for two weeks each. They now provide enough food to feed 60 families.

If anyone is aware of families of a police officer, firefighter or other emergency worker who have suffered loss or disability in the line of duty, or to help in some way with Miracle of Hope at the Beach, call the church at 843-272-5236.

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